Age: 4
Provincial Riding: Kanata - Carleton
My son Emmett is an extrovert.
We didn't know this at first. He kept to himself. As a result I had a very clean house.
He was diagnosed at 19 mos and has been in some form of programming ever since. Mostly privately funded programs.
In April 2018, we received direct funding and he was able to start receiving the full therapy he required- 25 hours/week.
He went from non-verbal to now talking in 4-6 word sentences (still a struggle but man, the kid likes to talk! And I love every bit of it)
He connects with us now. He seeks so much attention now (my house is always messy lol) that we have to teach him how to play independently with toys with little input from us. He's coming along with that as well.
He is such a happy kid. He loves people. He enjoys the little bit of school he's able to attend. He says please because he picked up on that himself. He NOTICED people saying please and thank-you and WHY they do and he uses it appropriately.
I have hope that he will be independent when he's older. At the beginning, I didn't.
Now that hope is compromised. My husband and I cannot pay $55k/year for him to continue this much-needed therapy, therapy his team said he may not even need in a couple of years as long as he remains at the same level of intensity he's at. It just doesn't make sense.
The new Ontario Autism Program takes away hope and the chance for my child to reach his fullest potential. That just isn't right.

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