Age: 6
Provincial Riding: Kitchener - Conestoga
Ella is a bright, happy, funny little girl who lights up any room she walks into. Ella was just shy of 3 years old when she was diagnosed. She was only able to say a couple words. Juice, mom, dad, but couldn't talk in sentences and if something was wrong she would cry because she couldn't tell us. It broke my heart because she wanted to communicate with us so bad but didn't know how. She wouldn't make eye contact. She didn't give her sister the light of day. It was as if she was in her own world and we would struggle to bring her into ours. Ella started out in speech therapy, then IBI therapy, and because of the 30 hours a week she was receiving and the intensive one on one therapy, she was able to go to school part time and transition to ABA therapy. Ella is now doing 15 hours a week and she can now talk (in a full sentence) she can read, she can write, she can feed herself, drink from a cup, go to the bathroom on her own, she is almost out of night time diapers which is absolutely amazing ... she has come SUCH a long way. And it is all thanks to the therapy she has received over the last few years. Even at 15 hours a week, with this new plan she will not be able to continue her therapy because we are a one income family and simply cannot afford it. We have two other children as well so doing things like selling our home etc just wont do it nor should i have to! Ella is used to the center she goes to. It is part of her routine which kids on the spectrum rely on their routines. She has friends there...her only friends. My daughter which is in grade one, has never been invited to a birthday party from the kids at school. But at the center she goes to, she has been invited to a few. My fear is that she will regress or will not learn and retain new skills and stop doing well in school as she gets older. My daughter needs her therapy. Everyone child on the spectrum needs their therapy. We need a needs based solution

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