Age: 5
Provincial Riding: Don Valley North
Dylan is a 5 year old boy who is obsessed with his upcoming birthday! He has requested a black Hiro cake (Thomas and Friends) for the occassion with an actual train on it, the kind with the switch on it to make it go!
The only reason he is able to tell us all this is because of ABA therapy. The only reason why I am able to have a meaningful conversation with my boy is because of ABA therapy.
Although Dylan is about to turn 6, he is not done learning yet! The reckless cuts made to the OAP are jeopardizing his immediate and long term future.
Without the government funding we are unable to continue with 36.5 hrs of weekly therapy at the cost of $90K a year. We are forced to send him to school and all we can hope for is that they will do their best to keep him safe. A child who is not ready to transition to school is forced to attend school without a transition plan of any sort. A child who escaped daycare unnoticed where the ratios are 8:1 is expected to thrive in a classroom of 30 kids with a single teacher and 1 ECE.
We as a family are in crisis trying to find a way to fund therapy without having to sell our house. We don't see any other option as anything less would mean we are giving up on our boy. We are essentially being pushed out of the middle class and into poverty by having to pay for therapy out of pocket. It's inconceivable that a government that's for the people would do this to thousands of families.
Please reconsider these changes before a whole generation of kids is impacted!

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