Age: 6
Provincial Riding: Barrie - Innisfil
My son is 6. Diagnosed severe. Non-verbal. To even go through all his needs and challenges would fill the whole page. He currently receives 28 hours/week of IBI. Heís only 6. Somehow 6 is drastically less capable of learning than age 5, in the eyes of the government. Heís super smart, he just needs to be taught the right way to receive the information. The right way for him is IBI. They can teach him, manage his behaviours and maybe one day my son will speak. His IBI team are our heroes. Iím scared of whatís to come without it.. regression.. anxiety.. fear.. sensory overload.. meltdowns. Iím grateful for what weíve received thus far, but I know heís not done, he needs more. He needs intensive help. He does his IBI in the afternoons, which allows me to work, after school canít wont take him. How will i continue to work when I have to pick him up from school everyday. Iím a single parent, how do I continue to provide for D and my oldest child.

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