Age: 6
Provincial Riding: Brampton North
Caleb is the youngest of our three children. He has successfully completed two years of IBI, which took him from a barely vocal child to one who can now communicate fluently, read, write, and has been found to excel in mathematics. He is currently in service (40 hours this year) trying to learn to integrate into a neurotypical classroom and establish friendships after struggling with bullying (already in Grade 1). What he will miss most is his coordinator who kept up with his progress and needs; and kept us in the loop, so that he doesn’t fall behind.

We also have two older children who have overcome stacked odds with learning disabilities and are successfully navigating university and college. Each of our children has experienced cuts in the last two months.

All these cuts mean we have to choose two children to abandon.

Doug Ford, which two children should we choose to no longer support because apparently we make too much money?

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